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Beatboxing, a lesser known element of hip hop culture, is the production of bass, percussion, vocal samples and any other noise produced by manipulating your mouth to give the impression you’re producing an entire song without any musical support.

It is probably the least acknowledged element on the hip hop spectrum, although there is a growing community in the subculture if you know where to look.


Here’s a round up of everything beatboxing TooMuchFlavour has reported on...

Beatboxing: Facts and key people

Coming soon - this section is under construction.

Beatboxing events:

BoxCon (Beatbox Convention)

Vauxhall Beatbox Championships

Beatboxing links:


Vauxhall Beatbox Championships

Human beatbox artists:


Killa Kela


Vid Warren



Section under construction - more links and details will be added soon!

In the mean time check out our features on the left.


Reeps One wins the UK Vauxhall Beatbox Championships

Head to head beatboxing battles to win a brand new Vauxhall Corsa SXi, Reeps One showed who was best on the mic at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire.

Read what we thought and check out our after show jam video

Read >>

Reeps One, Vauxhall UK Beatbox Champion 2009
Vid Warren and Pippar Tennant at the Ritzy, Brixton

Review: Vid Warren and Pip Tennant at the Ritzy

Beatboxing, classical piano, a recorder and... juggling balls? Vid Warren is a beatboxer with an eclectic twist and a lot of musical talent. Joined on stage by Pip Tennant, the Ritzy in Brixton hosted an evening of alternative sounds. Check out the video inside!

Read >>

BoxCon 2009

From the flash mobs right through to the final concert, we made sure the fifth element wasn’t forgotten.

Writing exclusively for HumanBeatBox.com and the Beatbox Convention website, the whole weekend was documented, plus we scooped interviews with some of the acts too!

Read >>

TooMuchFlavour writes exclusively for BoxCon 2009


BoxCon 09 is announcing itself in a different way to the unsuspecting public, by combining beatboxing and flashmobs.

For more details on this year’s BoxCon, see inside.

Read >>

BoxCon 2009 news

News: BoxCon 2009: The Flash Jam Is Coming!

The Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships is back for 2010. With beatboxers throughout the UK keen to show off their vocal skills, everyone’s in with a chance to win a brand new Vauxhall Corsa SXi - and even face Reeps One, defending champion! Read >>

Pre Bbox Ldn Heats

We’re excited about... Vauxhall Beatbox 2010 regional heats

UK Beatbox Championships

Beatboxing has come a long way since Doug E Fresh hit the mic.

We’ve been to a few gigs ourselves and now it’s the finals at Londons Shepherd’s Bush Empire to see who will win a brand new Vauxhall Corsa SXi. Read>>

Also, read an interview with London heats winner, Layth >>

We’re excited about... Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships

Emcee Layth wins the UK Beatbox Championships London Heat

Layth wins the Vauxhall UK Beatbox 2009 South East heats

Newcomer Scott “Layth” Latham defeated Reeps One in a hotly contested final round at the London heats of the Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships, earning himself a place in the finals in June.

Find out the round-by-round winners inside!


The Vauxhall UK Beatbox Championships is back for 2010. With beatboxers throughout the UK keen to show off their vocal skills, everyone’s in with a chance to win a brand new Vauxhall Corsa SXi - and even face Reeps One, defending champion! Read >>

Beatbox South East Heats

Report: Layth wins Vauxhall Beatbox 2010 South East Heat

Boxettes are the best beatboxing quintet to ever grace a microphone. A sold out showcase at Cargo in Shoreditch proved it.

For the first time in a long time we saw a full set from the all-girl group who prove beatboxing is for pretty people too. Read >>

We’re Excited About... Vocal Orchestra - Boxed at Southbank


Boxed is beatbox theatre.

It follows the story of Lonely Joe, a boy who can't speak. One day he meets a crazy beatboxer called Afro who takes him into the beatbox underworld.

Boxed is touted as Shlomo’s answer to Stomp and Into The Hoods Read >>

Review: The Boxettes showcase at Cargo

The Boxettes at Cargo
Boxed review

Beatboxing and no speaking makes for some very interesting theatre!

But Shlomo and his fantastic Vocal Orchestra have a knack of making beatboxing appealing to a wider audience. Read our review as we follow them back into time... Read >>

Review: Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra - Boxed - Southbank