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Why we gave Streetdance 3D a bad review

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Breaks and Mortar - Building a dance studio

Follow the progress of Alter Ego Dance Company as they transform a dilapidated premises into a renovated dance studio, as recorded by Brendon Hansford.



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Features: Editor’s choice

There are too many features on TooMuchFlavour to fit on to one page, so here’s a selection of features we’ve for your enjoyment.


Review: Markus The Sadist

Review: Markus the Sadist

Review: Best of Live Vibe 2009

Interview: Kumari Suraj, Imperial House of Waacking

Review: Blaze - The Streetdance Sensation

Review: 7 Doigts’ Traces



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The UK’s first street dance film, shot entirely in 3D, Flawless, Diversity, George Sampson and a host of UK choreographers and crews were involved in producing it.

But does the film represent street dance, or is it a one dimensional cash in?

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Review - Streetdance 3D

Streetdance 3D review

Seven years down the line and Breakin' Convention is still looking healthy.

Breakin' Convention is the event that keeps hip hop and street dance in check.

So who broke conventions for 2010’s show?

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Review: Breakin’ Convention 2010 at Sadler’s Wells

Breakin' Convention 2010 review

The UK’s top breakers are gearing up to take on some of the best crews from across the UK for a place in the championship finals.

The Northern heats have already taken place - see the results who’s lined up for the Southerns

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We’re Excited About... Regional Conflict South 2010

Pre-Regional Conflict South

Boxed is beatbox theatre.

It follows the story of Lonely Joe, a boy who can't speak. One day he meets a crazy beatboxer called Afro who takes him into the beatbox underworld.

Boxed is touted as Shlomo’s answer to Stomp and Into The Hoods Read >>

We’re Excited About... Vocal Orchestra - Boxed at Southbank

Boxed review

Beatboxing and no speaking makes for some very interesting theatre!

But Shlomo and his fantastic Vocal Orchestra have a knack of making beatboxing appealing to a wider audience. Read our review as we follow them back into time... Read >>

Review: Shlomo and the Vocal Orchestra - Boxed - Southbank

Petit Mal - a French phrase, “little evil” when translated to English, by a Finnish cast.

It would be worth pointing out the mixed differences, were it not for the martial arts abilities of Race Horse Company’s gymnasts.

Dark circus ensues...

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We’re Excited About... Petit Mal at the Southbank Centre

Trinity Warriors has won the Regional Conflict South qualifiers for the B-Boy Championships, seeing off competition from La Familia in the final rounds.

Read the result and watch the video of the finals inside!


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Report: Regional Conflict South 2010

Report- Regional Conflict South
Pre-Petit Mal
pre-lyrix organix

Lyrix Organix is an event we're excited about, with reason to be confident.


After a successful three day run at the Brighton Fringe Festival, Lyrix Organix will be doing a one-off night of eclectic variety performances

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We’re Excited About... Lyrix Organix: Emergence

Report: Regional Conflict Finals

The Soul Mavericks are Regional Conflict champions for the second year in a row after narrowly defeating La Familia in a closely fought final battle. Jut Su and Polskee Hitman both qualified for popping, while B-Boy Spin won the solo battles.

Full results inside >>

Regional Conflict 2010 results

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