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TooMuchFlavour presents Jonzi’s Diary

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Jonzi D

Prior to Breakin’ Convention 2009, TooMuchFlavour approached Jonzi D, the artistic director of the annual hip hop dance theatre festival about documenting what goes in to making the show a success every year, something that had never been done before.


Starting just over a week before the main event at Sadler’s Wells Theatre, we got on the phone to Jonzi at the end of his day to see what he was up to in preparation to the big day.


The first few entries to Jonzi’s Diary start off as interview transcribes, then, as we were able to meet up with him, we captured them on video.


Check them out for exclusive insights in to what goes in to planning and preparing for such a big event, plus the typical Jonzi-esque remark throughout.


All interviews, transcripts and videos by David Barros


23/4/09 - Meetings

24/4/09 - France

26-27/4/09 - The weekend and after party arrangements

28/4/09 - Birmingham

29/4/09 - Meetings, auditions and rehearsals

30/4/09 - Future Elements night (video)

1/5/09 - “The Rock” film night (video)

3/5/09  - Sunday night (video)

4/5/09 - After the after party (video)


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