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Ghost Boy at the Bernie Grant Art Centre

Welcome to Lemonade Estate. A place between the city and the hills, a place that people have forgotten, a place where the kids are running wild…

When: 1 - 3 April

Where: Town Hall Approach Road, Tottenham Green, London N15 4RX

Tickets: £10/£8.50 concessions 020 8365 5450 or buy online - quote GB1 for £5 tickets

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This event has already happened! Read our review of Ghost Boy >>


Community elder Dennis has had enough of the “little demons” running round the estate; he decides to take the law into his own hands and transforms himself into vigilante superhero Fly Man…


Meanwhile on the other side of the estate we meet Jamal, a boy whose life changes forever after an “incident” on the back field.


Jamal holds a deep, dark secret: The secret of… GHOST BOY.


Ghost Boy puppets

Fusing grime, dubstep, ska, puppetry, hip-hop theatre, street art and dance: Ghost Boy is an anarchic, energetic and challenging piece of theatre brought to you by an eclectic range of artists: dancers, puppeteers, live musicians and actors, including Everal Walsh (Channel 4’s Max and Paddy) and Tachia Newall (BBC’s Waterloo Road).

Also in the cast is human beatboxer Hobbit, “the human soundscape.”



With groundbreaking design from Jo Pocock (Shockheaded Peter) and street artist SOFISKI (Sketch City, Marseille) Ghost Boy will appeal to younger and older audiences alike.


Ghost Boy is mid way through its national tour.

Ghost Boy at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre

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