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Review: Funkshone “Shining”

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Words: David Barros

Funk is a era often forgotten among newer generations of dancers these days. DJs have to dig deep in the darkest corners of independent record store bargain bins to discover long-lost gems to spin them for an audience. Until now.


Funkshone are a collective of nine artists formed in 2007 and have been doing the rounds on the live circuit since. Shining is their first album release on Skyline Recordings and takes everything a good funk record should have to make a polished record, including original jams and some less well known covers.


The good news for DJs needing a quick funk fix for their party is that Shining packs plenty. With plenty of drum-driven rhythms, clashing cymbals and blaring horns there's never a dull moment, especially if you're a breaker. Panama is one example of this with it's fast pace and alternating basslines.



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Track list:

1. Let The Drums Speak

2. The Raw

3. Deeper Love

4. Purification

5. Droppin'

6. Run For It

7. Stop The Bus

8. Strut

9. Wired

10. Hot Wheels (The Chase)

11. Panama

12. It All Comes Down To This



That's not to say Shining should be exclusive to funkateers. The cuts on the record will have you humming the catchy tunes from Hot Wheels to Purification, even if you're not a dancer, and there's a good variety of tempo too,

smoothing out for tracks such as Stop The Bus and Let The Drums Speak.


Songs like The Raw  featuring the vocal talent of Natasha Watts inject further energy and passion with a gritty soulful edge. Her performance on Droppin' , the next single, even conjures thoughts of a smoothed out Aretha Franklin performance that eclectic ears will appreciate.


Because some of the band members are former b-boys turned musicians, Funkshone aren't afraid of going where other bands may fear to step with music. This is loud, in your face funk that stays true to the pioneers, and what makes it even better is the jams are all performed live and raw for that authentic feel.


Funkshone serve as a reminder to us all that funk is truly alive and still happening, and it's happening in the UK. Represent!


Our choice: Panama, Purification